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Итоги городского сетевого образовательного круиза — проекта на английском языке «Английский завтрак» 04.12.17—13.01.2018

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В сетевом образовательном круизе — проекте «Английский завтрак» приняли участие 6 образовательных учреждений города Томска и 17 команд:
  • МБОУ СОШ № 49 — 1 команда;
  • МАОУ СОШ № 22 — 2 команды;
  • МАОУ гимназия № 56 — 9 команд;
  • МБОУ СОШ «Эврика –развитие» — 3 команды;
  • МАОУ Заозёрная СОШ № 16 — 1 команда;
  • МАОУ СОШ № 44 — 1 команда.
Заработав максимальное количество баллов, первое место заняли 5 команд, 3 из которых — представители нашей школы!
Итоги городского сетевого образовательного круиза — проекта на английском языке «Английский завтрак».

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Наши презентации “English Breakfast”

Happy apples, Bitter water, Britanic.

Наши пазлы “Welsh Breakfast”

Happy apples

We eat some cheese

 And drink fresh juice

   We’ll come to Wales

     And have a cruise.

On breakfast we eat

 A piece of ram meat

   And, don’t be surprised!,

     Some bread with seaweed.

This is the meal

 It looks like in tales

   Taste our breakfast

     It’s perfect in Wales!

Bitter water

Eat, grow and learn! Acrostic describing.

W hat do we usually eat for our breakfast?

A ll of us can't imagine it without

L eek, cheese, mutton, laverbread, molluscs, sausages, bara brith and milk.

E very morning we eat and feel fine.

S ay what country we live in.


With our puzzle you can create the best of all existing breakfasts ever!

The main ingredient in this dish is of course bacon. The bacon is fried on both sides and scattered with some salt, which makes it so delicious. The other two ingredients are one or two cooked eggs and big rissoles, but they are so special as this bacon! You would definitely LOVE this dish when you first see and even taste it!

Наши кроссворды “American Breakfast”

Happy apples, Bitter water, Britanic

Read the reviews and choose the book you liked most of all

6 кл. The review of the book "Popcorn Dragon".

"Popcorn Dragon" is a book about friends. Author of book is Jane Thayer.

In this book author talks that you mustn't show off your friends. The main character is a dragon, Dexter. He tried to find the friends.

I like this book, because this story is good and merry. My favorite character is Dexter, because he is normal only.

I recommend this book for all children.

6 кл. The review of the book “The Best of Possible Worlds”. 

The title of ties story is “The Best of Possible Worlds”. The writing of ties story is Ray Bradbury. The genre of ties story is tale.

“The Best of Possible Worlds” is a story about two men who were talking about their friends to each other. These friends have created their imaginary worlds.

The main characters are Mr Smith, Mrs Smith and Mr Quilllan. Mr Smith fell in love with Mrs Smith but tuned out that Mrs Smith is reincarnated in different  women. Mr Quillan cheated on his wife.

I like this story because it is exciting, intriguing, breathtaking and overwhelming. My favourite character is Mrs Smith because she was a good actress and reincarnated well.

I recommend this story to people who likes such unusual stories because they are thrilling.

6 кл. The review of the book "Slimy Stuarts".

I read book “Slimy Stuarts”.

It is about the king Charles 1 and his war with parliament. Main character of this book is only Charles 1 because I don’t know who is parliament. I haven’t favourite main character because book hasn’t good describe heroes. This book is about Civil war between Charles 1 and parliament. This book isn’t for people who don’t like death. But this book has got some funny.

I recommend this book to people who like historical book with some fun.

 6 кл. The review of the book "Noodle".

The title of my tale is «Noodle». The writer of this story is enlightenment. The genre of this book is story for children.

This story is about a little dog is looking for the answer to its question. The main character of this story is a little dog named Noodle. In this story Noodle is looking for the answer to the question that he asks a small white dog. And with this question he goes to the zoo to interview animals, living in the zoo. My favourite character in this story is Noodle he is a very funny dog.

I really like this story because it is very funny and cheers up well. I recommend this story to people will why like story about dogs.

6 кл. The review of the book “Robert the Rose Horse”.
"The title of my book is “Robert the Rose Horse” the writer is Joan Heilbroner. The genre is a fairy tale.

This story is about the horse who was allergic to roses that’s why the main character is the horse Robert. And in this story, he overcomes different difficulties with his allergy.

My favorite character is Robert because he is almost the only character and he has got some problems but he stays in a good mood.

I like this book because it is fanny and there are many beautiful pictures. I’ll recommend this book to children who like thrilling fairy tales". 

Скрайбинг. Никита Я., 6 кл. Тема: Эйко и опасности в джунглях.

Скрайбинг. Полина Б. и Аня Т., 6 кл. Тема: Эйко и опасности в джунглях.

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